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Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls

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One of our favourite calm charms comes from Guatemala and can help little people dealing with anxiety going to bed. Sometimes they get so overwhelmed by their worries and anxieties they struggle to fall asleep at night.

These gorgeous hand-made worry dolls are crafted by women villagers in Guatemola and can play a role in helping kids share their worries to find some calm and settle into sleep.

The legend of the worry doll comes from long ago when the Mayan princess Ixmucane received a special gift from the sun god.

The gift allowed her to solve any problem she could worry about. Since then, village women in Guatemala have made these special Worry Dolls and send them all over the world to help little people with big worries.

Before you go to bed, hold the worry doll in your hands & whisper your worries. Pop it under your pillow. While you sleep the doll will be so happy to worry for you & help take your worries away.

For ages 5+

Please note these are handmade items, and as such, there is always some variation in the stock. Measurements are approximate. If you have a particular colour you'd like to be dominant on the doll (scarf or top) - please add a note to your order. While we cannot guarantee colours, we will do our best to accomodate your preferences.


Materials - Handmade from cotton, thread, zibaque sticks, cardboard, foam, pantyhose, cotton Mayan fabric.

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Not suitable for babies or toddlers 0-4 years old choking hazard.

Packaging - Recycling and Composting

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